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Debra & Graeme Forbes starting to enjoy retirement

After 38 years of trading as importer and agent for various suppliers of Target Shooting and Muzzleloading supplies, we have decided to retire, and have now surrendered our Gun Dealers Licence.

We would like to thank all our customers and the many friends who have supported our business since its inception in 1983 for their business and indeed the friendships made over the years, we will still be seen around events and hope to continue to see as many of you as we can.

We will probably get to more events in the future as we will have more time to travel.

The blackpowder business name “Pedersoli Australia” and all stock on hand of firearms and accessories has now been sold to Austoil Nominees P/L operated by Roger Mowbray trading as Pedersoli Australia www.pedersoliaustralia.com.au Phone 03 5815 2720 Roger is now the Pedersoli Agent and is getting regular shipments from the factory.

We will still have stocks of blackpowder and RWS percussion caps for the muzzle loading shooter available while our Worksafe Licence remains valid until 30/6/2022

We have sold the target shooting accessory agencies and all stock from Gehmann and Kurt Thune to Dean Romanov trading as “Ammunition Galore” www.ammunitiongalore.com.au Phone 0468 300 694.

Dean is a well-known target shooter and can supply all your target shooting needs, he is getting deliveries from Gehmann & Kurt Thune as well as stocking other target shooting supplies.

We have now sold all stocks of Feinwerkbau firearms however we still have quite a lot of spare parts for the various models in stock. Some of these parts are no longer available from the FWB factory.

We also have a few parts for Morini target pistols and a few parts for Anschutz target rifles.

See the lists of spares currently available from the links below. Once these parts are sold we will not be able to get further supplies from the manufacturers.

If you would like to buy the entire spare parts stock, we would be pleased to offer heavily discounted pricing, buy the lot at landed cost plus GST. Total value approximately $12500.00 + GST

There are also a range of grips by Morini and Feinwerkbau advertised at heavily discounted prices on the website www.ozgunsales.com look for the list at ID80652 on the site.


Feinwerkbau Spare Parts Morini Spare Parts
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